About us

Film festival “Human District” with its constant engagement puts the film as an important element in communication with the community, which contributes to modern society promotes and uses only positive mechanism.

Film as an important element of the community encourages activity Film Festival to promote important aspects of society, through aspects history, culture and traditions.

According to the statistical report, the application for the competition program of the Film Festival in 2016. “Human District” include the total number of 2,500 applications from around the world.

Film program is to reflect the diversity – aesthetic, thematic, geographic…

What more countries, lots of different films, we show you that the world is much broader film and sketchier than often seems.  Selecting movies, selecting honorary guests, the festival celebrates the artistic stubbornness, originality and unconventionality, authors who are “his” and the others are his. Film program, the possibility of direct communication between people who do movies and the people who love movies, we want our film program and create a favorable environment place for people who enjoy the magic of film.