Documentary Competition 2017

1. Chaos in the Kalahari

In the heart of the Kalahari Desert, the last sanctuary of the San Bushmen tribe – also known as ‘the first people’ – is taking place a drama of both irreversible and universal consequences: an ethnic and cultural genocide. Bella, 43, is an enterprising and energetic woman of the San Bushmen. She opens for us the doors to her world and takes us to meet her uncle, Kayate, the village shaman, and her children, the pride of her heart. But fate seems set against both herself and her community…

Kate Thompson-Gorry

Born in Leigh-on-sea, England, raised in Cognac, France, Kate Thompson-Gorry has been directing award-winning primetime television shows and documentaries for the past fifteen years. As an Independent writer/filmmaker, Kate enjoys finding, developing and writing character based stories with a strong narrative potential, treating delicate and human subject matters around the world.

2. Hotel Splendid

“Hotel Splendid” is an intimate and a collective account of a community of migrants from the African coasts who are living in a reception center for asylum seekers. It is a glimpse into the daily experiences and operation of an Italian hotel turned into an emergency camp for refugees.

Mauro Bucci

Mauro Bucci in an Italian filmmaker and independent researcher in the field of Visual Anthropology. He wrote scientific essays about ethnographic films for the Italian cinema journal «Bianco e Nero», for the ethnographic journal «Visual Ethnography», for a collective volume of anthropological papers published by Clueb. His latest essay is a chapter for the book «Looking with Robert Gardner» edited by W. Rothman, C. Warren and R. Meyers for the Horizons of Cinema series by SUNY Press.

3. Radovan – Povik iza zidova tamnice

Ovo je ekskluzivna priča o Radovanu Karadžiću, srpskom psihijatru, pjesniku i političaru i prvom predsjedniku i tvorcu RepublikeSrpske. Međunarodni krivični tribunal za bivšu Jugoslaviju je 1995. godine podigao optužnicu protiv njega.

Kako se skrivao i kako je uhapšen i izručen Haškom tribunalu, o tome je ova filmska priča. Ona je lična „ispovjednica“ IZA ZIDOVA TAMNICE u trenucima presude na 40 godina zatvora. Priča je i o tribunalu, ali i sudu naroda koji ga je već „osudio“ kroz guslarske i narodne pjesme.