1.You Didn’t Forget

An eldery woman’s day is turned upside down when she sets out to find her missing husband, who’s been struggling with a memory loss.

Simon Intihar

Born on July 18th, 1990, in Postojna, Slovenia, where he spent most of his time on his skateboard, filming his friends, playing drums and having fun. Later on he graduated in Film and TV directing at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, Slovenia and since then he started working on various Film, Video and TV projects. He is also an active musician.



After one year of Mary’s son disappearance, she receives news: he is in the North Caucasus republic of Ingushetia and appears to be a terrorist. They have only one phone conversation under surveillance of special services to hear each other.

Grigory  Kolomytsev

Director. Born in 1990 in Krasnodar, Russia. Higher juridical studies. He is now a fourth-year student at the Film Institute VGIK (class of A. Kott, V. Kott). Participant of the Week of the Russian Cinema in Berlin (2015), London (2016). In 2015 he staged the performance “Sakhalin–Moscow by Request” at the Educational Theatre of VGIK


3.Prison Door

A prisoner who won’t leave his cell gets a visitor with a message for him.

Kevin McCann is a writer and filmmaker born in Northern Ireland and raised in the south of Ireland. He is a 2010 graduate of the EAVE producer programme and has run the production company Maccana Teoranta, north and south of the Irish border since 2005. After graduating university, he worked in Roger Corman Film Studios in Galway and in a television studio in production and camera.


4.A place

An Arab refugee will have to overcome the prejudices of a European family to achieve repair his car and get to his destination.

Ivan Fernandez de Cordoba. 1989, Valencia, Spain.

He studied graphic design, photography, realization of audiovisual and film directing at Ciudad de la Luz, coordinated by Mariano Barroso (Éxtasis) and Pablo Berger (Blancanieves).


5.A Quiet Place

Cristina’s unwelcome return home brings up a conflict with her father as she sees her teenage sister struggling to accept the life she is meant to live.


His thesis film „A Quiet Place“ (2016) was shot in Romania and addresses possible causes for human trafficking. As a writer and director Ronny aims to tell human stories that have a social relevance. He now calls Berlin his home and is currently developing his first feature film.



Mohamed is the most popular first name in the world. However, it is not easy to wear this first name in some part of the world. It is what a young boy tells across situations of life in France. His parents remind him the message of peace and love that the Messenger of Islam spread, the Messenger Mohamed.


7.Close your eyes .. well

Hamoody is a teenager plays the violin, but he lives in a garbage dumpster with a dream that someday he will play in a concert, so his little sister seeks with the kids of the dumpster to make his dream come true.

Ali al-Bayati Editor of work since 2004 and D.O.P since 2010 and director since 2012

Film (Close your eyes well) second experience in short films making .


8.Make America Great?

In this satirical piece, we find ourselves in 2021, the beginning of the second term after the most anticipated Presidential election of 2016. The 13th and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution have been rewritten.

Candice Vernon a Writer/Director, Producer, and all around Creative Thinker, has always been a natural leader, hailing from the small parish of St Ann, Jamaica. In her junior year at Temple University’s renown film program she co-founded her first production company APE Films, producing and co-directing a range of projects, including the 8th Annual Philly Music Awards, video bio’s for local celebrity musicians/entertainers, and a PSA for the city of Philadelphia’s fire safety campaign Take It Outside.


9.Distant Memory

Distant Memory is a short poetical film, which speaks about the times that once were.

Valerie Wolf Gang

Slovenian film director and visual artist Valerie Wolf Gang, MA of Media Arts and Practices, works in the field of film, video and contemporary artistic practices.


10.Pearl Island

Afrin and her tow sisters are fighting against Barbarian and force of darkness in warzone.. They save Gael a young French journalist who came to cover Braveness of Kurdish female Freedom fighter (Sharvan).

Gael take his last photo of three sisters but an expected incident will happen.

Dana Karim

01/07/1973 I was born in sulaimaniya kurdistan-iraq

1992 I Graduated in Institute of Fine Arts – Theater Department.

2008 I Graduated in University of sulaimaniya – Language and literature of English Department.

from 1988 to 1992 I participated in most of the plays in theatre as an actor and as a director. First story participated of competition section in many international film festivals , and it’s got best film award in Kolkata international film festival in India, and participated in short film corner in festival de Cannes.



With unfinished beauties, Meryem who is a child yet is a new bride. The only solace Meryem is the riverside.Even in such moments, she feels the breath of old man who is married with all senses in her nape.But, Meryem’s eyes are just on the drawbridge.

Bawer Aydın

born in 1978, in Siirt, Bawer AYDIN, graduated from the Literature section of MSGSU, has worked behind the camera since 2008, in 2011, he did the first assistant direction and consultant script of the ‘İz’. He has written scripts of three short movie, one series, and he maintains his works still.


12.Ludwig von Sarajevo

A father, deals with the agony of his missing son from Sarajevo, he stumbles across an old grave from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. He starts to confine in the grave, but little does he know that the grave confines in him.

Reshad Strik

Australian/Bosnian is a Actor and filmmaker, he has acted in TV and film all around the world. Most famous for Newcastle (Premiered at the Tribeca film festival), Wes Craven’s the Hills have eyes 2, Fruit Chan’s “Don’t look up” and the Turkish hit TV show “Dirilis, Ertugul” Reshad has directed 3 short film’s, commercials and music videos. He is in development with his first feature film. Reshad resides in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Two bohemians hijack a live radio show including the the moderator and guest, all in order to broadcast their political views. Their intention to better the world takes on a however slightly different spin.

The film was developed together with the WDR radio play “On Air” by Robert Nacken and received the german short film award 2015 .

Robert Nacken, born 1974 in Cologne,

is a composer, musician, author and director for films, radio plays and theater.

2015 he received the German Short Film Award for “ON AIR”. In

2010 for „Underground Odyssey“, together with Christos Dassios and Uli Grohs.



Between family duties, Stella works early in the morning at a bar, to finance her studies. Long after the bar is closed, an unwanted stranger appears, which Stella has to hide from her boss. SAMOSA is a movie about the conflict between traditional roles and an individual way, about power structures and the ability to stand your ground.

Albin Wildner was born in Vienna in 1983. In 2004 he graduated a highschool for media, photography and arts with a documentary film, shot in costa rica as his diploma-project. From 2006 till 2013 he worked as a graphic designer and as an independent cinematographer. Since 2014 Albin Wildner studies filmdirecting and cinematography at the Filmacademy Vienna.


15.Invisible Walls: Tales of Insecurity

Identity, language, sexual orientation, opinion – factors that generate invisible walls between people. Four different characters share their stories about confidence and insecurity.

Nurbanu Asena

received her BFA degree in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design in 2009. While studying in New York, she participated in exchange programs in Italy, China, Turkey and exhibited works there. In 2010, her short film “One Random Day In Istanbul” selected to be produced by “Animators (Canlandiranlar) Talent Camp Istanbul” and shown in various national and international film festivals.


16.We Don’t Exist

The semi-documentaristic short film inspired by Béla Tarr the almost one-shot steadycam visual showing the faces of these poor people is contrasted to sound bites of Hungarian politicians, who are claiming – in fact, falsely – that there are less poor people in the country.